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The Sherwin-Williams Company was founded in 1866 and is one of the leading companies in the production, distribution and sale of paints and related products to professional, industrial, commercial and retail customers.

The Sherwin-Williams Company is an American company based in Cleveland, Ohio. It is currently present in more than 100 countries, employs more than 30,000 people and in 2011 had revenues of USD 8.77 billion.

The Sherwin-Williams Company has been present for over 60 years in Brazil, bringing to market the best in paints and coatings. It operates in several market segments, such as architecture, automotive refinishing, industrial, industrial maintenance, Aerospace, Naval, aerosols, among others, which are divided into three production centers:

– in São Bernardo do Campo (SP) – a division of automotive paints, Sherwin Williams Automotive Division;
– In Taboão da Serra (SP), the architectural division;
– In Sumaré, located in the countryside of São Paulo state, aerosol and industry paint units.

Among its leading brands: Lazzuril, Lazzudur, Ultra7000, AWX, Fleet Color, Metalatex, Novacor, KemTone, Aquacryl and Colorgin, widely recognized by retailers, users, influencers and consumers.


The Sherwin Williams Automotive Division is a leader in the Brazilian automotive refinishing market. This leadership, which is maintained for over 10 years, is mainly due to:

  • A Technical Assistance Team
    • A Team with 70 technical assistants spread throughout Brazil
    • Toll-free telephone number for long-distance calls
  • 4,000 Points of Sale
    • The company is present throughout the country directly serving all types of retailers and resellers of products for automotive refinishing
  • Full product portfolio
    • The company has the most complete portfolio of products, meeting all kinds of needs of the market, from high productivity products and high tech to economic products
    • Products under the legislation on emission of solvents (VOC)
    • Products associated with the refinishing process (pistols, polishes, etc.)

The Sherwin Williams Automotive Division is concerned with the quality of labor of painting workshops. Therefore it promotes various types of training:

  • Training Center
    • o In São Bernardo do Campo, in our factory, we provide a framework for various types of training: colorimetry, products, customer service and customized training
  • Training directly conducted in the workshops
    • All the workshops that adopt our mixing undergo intensive training on the use of our products and systems.
  • Evening training
    • Nearly 400 evening courses for painters, on an annual basis. Such courses are offered in conjunction with retailers during 3 evenings.