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  • massas

    New Putties  – M500 – M4000 – M510

    Packages of 400 grams are sold  and they were developed to assure perfection in preparation of surfaces for vehicles refinish.

    Plastic Putty M500 is ideal for plastics parts and flexible bumpers. The application is easy and provides flexibility in carrying out the work, besides having high flexibility, excellent for sanding and great adhesion on plastics.

    Extra Thin Polyester for Finishing 4000  corrects defects such as porosities that  conventional one can leave on the surface, generating savings by reducing the number of coatings of primer. Their good adhesion on most substrates (metal, aluminum and galvanized), facilitates its application and provides excellent finishing  with great performance and fast drying.

    Putty for Aluminum M510 is ideal for automotive repairing with aluminum on it and flexibility that prevents cracking during the repairing. It has superior resistance than the conventional ones and good adhesion, in addition to aluminum, it is also suitable for other substrates such as metal and galvanized.  It is easy for application, excellent sanding and fast drying  also complement its features.

  • massa-de-polir

    The Base Water Putty for Polishing 106 is available for sale in new packaging format: plastic pot containing 1 kg.

    This new packaging option does not replace the current format sale, wherefore we will have the two packages formats of this product to offer to the market: plastic pot and the current one that is metal packaging.



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